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Psychological counseling for children

Counseling is not a privilege, but a right of every human being!

Our counseling center offers completely free psychological counseling services to all primary and secondary school students and their parents.

By calling 060 31 55 663, book your appointment and treat yourself to free and anonymous advice with experts.

Counseling Center Plan

  • Education and cooperation with primary and secondary school pedagogues.
  • Objective: to increase awareness of the problem of peer violence and the prevention and identification of risky behavior.
  • The counseling center provides safe and supportive contact with professionals, a psychologist, where students and parents can get counseling support and help.
  • Education on violence, early detection, types, and prevention.

Individual counseling work with children and parents:
  • Interview with parents, educators and teachers (SDQ - Questionnaire on Strengths and Weaknesses) (Banaschewski and ass., B; Klasen and ass., 2003)
  • Establishing contact with the child and testing SPS-J - Short questionnaire for testing mental disorders (Hampel and Petermann, 2005)
  • Child Observation (Aggressive Behavior Observation Questionnaire (BAV))
  • Calming and relaxation training (relaxation exercises)
  • Diagnosing intelligence and achievement (Wechsler intelligence test for children)
  • Questionnaire for diagnosing aggressive behavior in specific situations (EAS)

The role of advisors

  • Professional helper - shows the child and his family new possibilities for action and conflict resolution, so that the learning process can begin.
  • A person of trust - the counselor should become a person of trust so that the child will be treated carefully and show understanding at all times. Building a relationship with trust should be a central concern.
  • Teammate - go down to the child's level. Play a game with a child, e.g., play a peer in a game
  • Mediator - gives the child and family guidelines for behavior. Encourages the child to express himself/herself in the game and tell what he experienced through the game

Goals of working with children

  • Reducing distorted perception that constitutes a nuisance
  • Reducing the constant feeling of being threatened
  • Demonstrating positive solutions to conflict
  • Practicing social skills with a child
  • Sensitizing the child to the behavioral exercises that follow in the group
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