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Association „Novi put“ carries out its activities through the following programmes:


Prevention and Education Program
We organize training sessions, seminars, round tables, lectures for representatives of NGOs and institutions (the police, social workers, judges, doctors, lawyers, educators…).
Visibility of the problem of human trafficking is increased through large-scale media campaigns, which involve the production of video spots, radio jingles, posters, leaflets, booklets and manuals, as well as through continuous cooperation with the media, aiming at raising public awareness of this issue.

Counseling center
Provision of free-of-charge direct psycho-social and legal counselling of women and children victims of all forms of violence. 

Economic empowerment of women
We work to advance the economic empowerment of women so that they have income security, decent work, and economic autonomy

Lobbying, Advocacy, Awareness raising, Prevention and Education
Novi put actively participates in the design and development of national, regional and local policies for the prevention of human trafficking, gender-based violence and all forms of violence against children. We actively cooperate with the academic community, the judiciary and the media, in communicating messages of non-discrimination and the necessity to ensure protection for all categories of society, primarily children and vulnerable categories. Novi put designs and implements prevention and education activities for children, youth, the general public and vulnerable categories. We hold seminars, trainings and round tables for representatives of relevant institution and organize grass-root awareness raising campaigns aimed at preventing human trafficking and all forms of violence against children.

SOS Hotline and Counselling for Victims
Through  SOS Hotline 060 318 77 80 we are providing counselling to victims of human trafficking, gender-based violence and all forms of violence against children and their families. We do further referral of potential and genuine victims and provide information to citizens regarding all forms of human rights violation.

Networking Program
For efficient combating of human trafficking and other forms of violence against human beings, it is necessary to build a strong network of activists and centers, which would cover the whole territory of our country. "Novi put" is a member of all relevant global, European and national networks working on prevention of all forms of violence against human beings. 

Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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