Project "STOP to child pornography and paedophilia

Association "Novi put" implemnted a project "STOP to child pornography and paedophilia".

Stop child pornography and pedophilia

Association "Novi put" continues with implementation of activities under the project "Stop child pornography and pedophilia" as of March 15, 2012.

Invitation to press conference

Association "Novi put" will organize a press conference on the occasion of launching a project "Promotion of Gender Ethical Journalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina".

Press conference: Current situation regarding trafficking in persons

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of origin, destination and transit for men, women and children who are trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Prevention and Education Activities of Association „New Road“

Association „Novi put“ („New Road“) continues with prevention and education activities on the topic „Prevention of trafficking in persons in HNC“ in the areas of local communities Vrapčići, Bijelo Polje, Blagaj, Drežnica and municipality Čapljina, in the period from October until December 2011.

Training for MoI HNC, MoI WHC and SIPA held in Mostar

On 25 and 26 August 2011 NGO „Novi put“ and La Strada Czech Republic organized a training on the premises of the SOS Kinderdorf in Mostar (Rade Bitange bb) for members of Ministry of Interior of Herzegovina Canton (MoI HNC), Ministry of Interior West Herzegovina Canton (MoI WHC) and State Information Protection Agency (SIPA).

Contact Info

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