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Child Protection Index 2.0 for BiH

Child Protection Index 2.0 for BiH - This unique and eagerly anticipated Report is the result of a joint one-year work of 14 experts in the field of child protection and legal professionals dedicated to children, their rights and well-being. The report  provides the most recent overview of the state of government efforts towards achieving commitments undertaken by signing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Viewed through an impressive number of indicators (987), the Index provides an insight into the progress made in critical areas such as: protecting children from discrimination, registering children by birth, protecting children separated from parents, protecting children from all forms of violence, protecting children without parental care, protecting children from economic exploitation, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, abductions, protecting children of refugees and asylum seekers, children victims of torture and degrading treatment, and children in conflict with the law. By focusing on four primary areas – vulnerability of children, management environment, prevention of all forms of violence and social work capacity, the Index sees five dimensions of government actions: policies and laws, services, capacities / resources, coordination and accountability.

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