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Challenging gender stereotypes and advancing gender equality objectives in news media organizations

“Novi put” implemented the project that aimed to enhance the capacity of news media organizations to produce content that clearly challenges gender stereotypes and to advance gender equality objectives.

During the project implementation advocacy and awareness materials were distributed among all stakeholders and target groups, as well as available online[1].

A working group was established whose members produced Guidelines for media reporting on women and girls[2], as well as 15 newspaper/online articles and radio broadcasts based on the collected in-depth qualitative and quantitative data and used the content to lobby news media to adopt and implement reporting guidelines and gender ethic codes. The Guidelines and the Lobbying document were sent out to all news media organizations and uploaded on the fb and web pages of “Novi put”.

Three (3) interactive workshops were held for a total of 58 beneficiaries (B&H editors, journalists and representatives of social justice and gender justice CSOs) active in the project focus areas aimed at enhancing the capacity of news media organizations to produce content that clearly challenges gender stereotypes and advances gender equality objectives.

15 workshops were held throughout B&H for a total 352 participants representatives of media audience aimed at initiating them to hold their news media accountable for professionalism in journalism through fair, balanced and accurate portrayal of women, minority and marginalized groups with respect to reporting on the project focus areas.

A Public Awareness Raising Action and Outreach Campaigns throughout B&H were held targeting the general public.

The project tackled the obvious underrepresentation of females in news media stories by presenting tangible data that had been obtained earlier. All events organized were used to also identify ways in which B&H media could contribute to promotion of NGO activities, advocacy and awareness raising and on the other hand the news media would be able to use expertise and findings of NGOs while reporting about topics NGOs have been dealing with.

During all project events “Novi put” staff emphasized the role of media in creating prevailing images about perception of women in the society, and the fact that the media outlets are also very responsible for creating or breaking gender stereotypes.





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