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The goals, mission, vision

Operational and registered at BiH level since 2010,  „Novi put“  has been focused on the prevention of trafficking in human beings and actively fighting against child abuse (including child pornography, and paedophilia), gender-based violence, recognising strong interaction between the problems listed. It is the only CSO running a free-of-charge counselling centre in the Herzegovina region for children victims of all forms of abuse. „Novi put“  also runs a phone and internet Help Line. Recognising multiple vulnerabilities affecting their target group and beneficiaries, „Novi put“  aims to outline the mutual connection between the topics and necessity to provide holistic response and support to the victims, and women and children at risk.

The organisation has substantial human capital and knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework, deriving from the educational and professional background of the individuals gathered around the „Novi put“  causes and La Strada BiH background.

„Novi put“  is a member of and actively contributes to:

„Novi put“  is the partner CSO the B&H Ministry of Security, in the capacity of the member of the core National Anti-trafficking Team.  „Novi put“  has participated in drafting, initiating, and reviewing all relevant BiH plans, action plans and strategies in the area of human trafficking, child pornography and paedophilia one of the few active Herzegovinian CSO with this mandate.

„Novi put“  has been participating in the massive global project of WACC (World Alliance for Christian Communications) on their Global Media Project to assess the media language and approach to portraying and representing women.

The main field of action is to prevent all forms of human trafficking, violence over women and children, and to fight against topics of paedophilia and child pornography actively.

The organisation has a four-pillared structure:

  • „Novi put“  Service Centre for Children – psychological and social counselling for children victims of all forms of violence, continuous development of cooperation with institutions at all levels, advocacy for policy changes, for the improvement of the institutional ambience for the children at risk. „Novi put“  empowers children at risk at all levels. In local communities, the organisation had established an innovative model of work with children.
  • Support to the victims of the human trafficking– first responders to provide support, protect and advise the victims, support, and facilitate their accommodation in the available accommodation facilities, offer them legal counselling, SOS phone and facilitation of communication and cooperation with subjects of protection/institutions mandated to provide protection and attention to the victims.
  • Advocacy, awareness-raising and prevention – „Novi put“  actively participates in the design and development of the national, regional, and local policies of prevention of human trafficking, gender-based violence and all forms of abuse affecting children. The organisation actively cooperates with the academia, judiciary, and media in communicating the messages of non-discrimination and necessity to ensure the protection of social categories at risk, children primarily. „Novi put“  designs and carries out grass-root awareness-raising campaigns aimed at prevention of human trafficking and all forms of child abuse.
  • Online and Phone Help Line - for reporting cases of human trafficking and child abuse, provision of immediate assistance and further referral if necessary.


„Novi put“ recognised for its strong human rights defender profile and contribution in fighting trafficking in human beings, and all forms of violence against women and children.


„Novi put“  protects, serves, and advocates for the rights of the victims of trafficking,  domestic violence and child abuse, and women and children at risk.


  • Uncompromised dedication to protection and promotion of rights of vulnerable groups, especially women and children, in line with the highest international human rights protection standards
  • Respect and active fight against discrimination of all kinds, hand in hand with developed tolerance and appreciation for differences
  • High professional ethics - commitment to professionally develop and implement services, with full integrity, protection of privacy of clients and in line with all recommended standards,
  • Imperative of gender equality and fight against gender-based violence in all its forms,
  • Respect and ongoing fight against discrimination of all kinds.
  • Commitment to professionally develop and implement services, with full integrity, protection of privacy of clients and in line with all recommended standards,
  • dedication to work on the improvement of the system patiently and continuously in Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting from the level of the local community to all institutions mandated for the protection of vulnerable groups.



  • Women - victims of trafficking or women at risk from trafficking, and gender-based violence, women at risk
  • Children - primary victims of violence, all forms of child abuse human trafficking or other forms of violence or danger from exposure to violence
  • Institutions – service providers, social and health care providers, national and entity stakeholders mandated to design, develop, and implement policies, plans and action documents against human trafficking and exploitation, also police, prosecutors' offices and educational institutions providing support to victims or persons at risk
  • Families - with various forms of social problems and dysfunctions; exposed to risk from trafficking, violence, and abuse
  • Citizens – access to civil rights, advocacy, and overall improvement of services to citizens.
  • Internet community - Internet users, owners of social media accounts and children online, to make them aware of the threat and supported in overcoming online abuse and inappropriate exposure.

 The Association „Novi put“  recognizes specific forms of multiple discrimination and vulnerability of Roma women and children. It is additionally focusing its attention to work in Roma communities, directly providing support and working on prevention of human trafficking, violence, and discrimination.


Novi Put

Association “New Road”

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