Obilježavanje Dana sigurnijeg interneta

Povodom obilježavanja Dana sigurnijeg interneta, udruženje "Novi put" je organizovalo predavanje na ovu temu učenicima i osoblju OŠ Petra Bakule u Mostaru, s ciljem podizanja svijesti o problemu iskorištavanja djece putem interneta. Predavanje je realizirano u okviru projekta kojeg podržava Ministarstvo zdravstva, rada i socijalne zaštite HNK.

Statement on Support to Anti-Trafficking Civil Society Organizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trafficking in human beings is a complex phenomenon, a grave human rights violation and a serious crime that can best be addressed by involving all relevant stakeholders. Civil society organizations are particularly well placed to complement governments’ activities in combating trafficking in human beings as reflected in the framework of prevention, protection, prosecution and partnerships.

Awareness raising about violence committed against women and children

NATO Donation to “Novi put” will facilitate implementation of activities on awareness raising about violence committed against women and children in the Herzegovina region and provision of direct and online assistance to victims of violence in the project area.

Child Protection Index 2.0 for BiH

Child Protection Index 2.0 for BiH - This unique and eagerly anticipated Report is the result of a joint one-year work of 14 experts in the field of child protection and legal professionals dedicated to children, their rights and well-being. The report provides the most recent overview of the state of government efforts towards achieving commitments undertaken by signing the…

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